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Information Processing and Telecommunications Center
IP&T Center
Information Processing and Telecommunications Center
This EIT Digital-funded innovation project focuses on developing the technologies needed to optimally manage drones fleets in urban spaces, in order to fulfill the service needs of diverse stakeholders in the municipality.
Information Processing and Telecommunications Center
Information Processing and Telecommunications Center
Newsletter Octubre 2018
Information Processing and Telecommunications Center

Our strategic areas

Air, surface, multimodal
Augmented, virtual, natural and smart interfaces
Signals, media, networks and security
Data-driven, cognitive computation, Big Data, IoT
Devices, algorithms, systems and applications
Target sector orientation, data exploitation, advanced modelling
Spaces, resources, citizens
Independent ageing, improved health care and p-health services

Electronics and Systems

Auto-deployable advanced intelligent systems

Radio and Wireless

5G, SDR, cognitive radio

Multimedia technologies

High quality content, design or novel UX


Networks and Applications

Cloud services, social graphs, public ICT policies

Secure Society

Risk management, data privacy, detecion of anomalous

SW and Data Science

Big data, Cognitive Science

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08 Nov

The industrial Internet of Things

Future Telecomms
Industry 4.0 pretends to create a conected world related to production companies. New concepts are begining more familiar in last years such Internet of Things, Big Data, also Smart Cities, which it will make a big difference between current production system and industry of the future, industry 4.0. This articles shows the benefits that internet of things, cloud and big data will have regarding the cities of the future. Do you want to know more about the advantages of these news technologies?
06 Nov

Voice recognition at Onda Cero

Future Telecomms
A member of the IPTC, José Manuel Pardo, was interviewed yesterday by Onda Cero in the program "El Mundo de mañana. ¿Hablaremos idiomas en un futuro?". He spoke about voice recognition.
02 Nov

New better system than GPS has been founded

Connected Industry
American researchers are looking for new ways to improve the Global Positioning System (GPS). Nowadays, at least all develops countries are used to have GPS for everything in live. Not only citicens but also companies depends on this location system to deliver their products or services. If one day GPS failed we would probably have difficult problems to solve the damages it will be done. Despite the benefits of GPS, it could have some issues related to an earth orbit collision or the space debris. Related to these problems, american researchers are focused on a new and stronger location…

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