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IPTC Activity Report
Our first IPTC Report summarizes the activity over the years 2017-2019.
An overall view of IPTC research and innovation on ICT through specific examples and outcomes.
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Data-Driven Applications
Information Processing and Telecommunications Center
IPTC accredits a long and successful track record in research and design of data-based systems for telecommunications, industry, media, defense, transport or health applications, in addition to studying economics and data-based business models.
Information Processing and Telecommunications Center
The Center aligns its research activities with the priorities of European and National programs and to specific requests from companies and society in the areas of: Electronics & Systems, Multimedia Technologies, Cibersecurity, SW Technologies and Data Science, Networks and Applications and Radio and Wireless.

Electronics and Systems

Auto-deployable advanced intelligent systems

Radio and Wireless

5G, SDR, cognitive radio

Multimedia technologies

High quality content, design or novel UX


Networks and Applications

Cloud services, social graphs, public ICT policies

Secure Society

Risk management, data privacy, detecion of anomalous

SW and Data Science

Big data, Cognitive Science

Recent Projects

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Our strategic areas

Air, surface, multimodal
Augmented, virtual, natural and smart interfaces
Signals, media, networks and security
Data-driven, cognitive computation, Big Data, IoT
Devices, algorithms, systems and applications
Target sector orientation, data exploitation, advanced modelling
Spaces, resources, citizens
Independent ageing, improved health care and p-health services

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Consultancy and tailored technology solutions



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