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Information Processing and Telecommunications Center
IP&T Center
Information Processing and Telecommunications Center
This EIT Digital-funded innovation project focuses on developing the technologies needed to optimally manage drones fleets in urban spaces, in order to fulfill the service needs of diverse stakeholders in the municipality.
Information Processing and Telecommunications Center
Information Processing and Telecommunications Center

Our strategic areas

Air, surface, multimodal
Augmented, virtual, natural and smart interfaces
Signals, media, networks and security
Data-driven, cognitive computation, Big Data, IoT
Devices, algorithms, systems and applications
Target sector orientation, data exploitation, advanced modelling
Spaces, resources, citizens
Independent ageing, improved health care and p-health services

Electronics and Systems

Auto-deployable advanced intelligent systems

Radio and Wireless

5G, SDR, cognitive radio

Multimedia technologies

High quality content, design or novel UX


Networks and Applications

Cloud services, social graphs, public ICT policies

Secure Society

Risk management, data privacy, detecion of anomalous

SW and Data Science

Big data, Cognitive Science

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21 Sep

AI is looking for a new improvement based on children brain

Future Telecomms
The human being mind research is very close to the improvement of AI. That is one of the reasons why the development in this field is related to the learning process in children. Current researchs shows that not only are engineers important for AI but also psicologists. The main purpose to enhance machine learning would be to achieve a technology that allows learn in the same way as humans being learn. 
21 Sep

11–15 March 2019 2019 UNAGI Workshop

Smart Cities
Kyoto, Japan 2019 UNAGI Workshop aims at becoming a forum for discussion on technologies to deal with the operating, business and societal challenges that the use of drones in urban environments may pose. These challenges are many and diverse. For example, in order to make metropolitan scenarios feasible for drone operation, it is essential to ensure the efficient and safe management of coordinated UAV fleets. There is also a need to facilitate the integration of drones as part of the city structure and its sensing infrastructure; technology must enable the secure exploitation, enriched and…
14 Sep

La European Microwave Week se celebra en España por primera vez. IFEMA. Feria de Madrid. 23-28 de septiembre de 2018

Future Telecomms
Entre los próximos 23 y 28 de septiembre científicos, tecnólogos y profesionales del sector de las tecnologías de alta frecuencia (radiofrecuencia, microondas y ondas milimétricas) de todo el mundo se darán cita en IFEMA con el objetivo de discutir y analizar los nuevos desarrollos de los sistemas de comunicaciones, tanto terrestres como aeroespaciales, las nuevas arquitecturas de los sistemas radar, así como las tecnologías inalámbricas, los sistemas de sensores y los últimos desarrollos en el campo de los semiconductores y materiales para estas tecnologías, junto con su aplicabilidad en los…

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