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Information Processing and Telecommunications Center
IP&T Center
Information Processing and Telecommunications Center
This EIT Digital-funded innovation project focuses on developing the technologies needed to optimally manage drones fleets in urban spaces, in order to fulfill the service needs of diverse stakeholders in the municipality.
Information Processing and Telecommunications Center
Information Processing and Telecommunications Center

Our strategic areas

Air, surface, multimodal
Augmented, virtual, natural and smart interfaces
Signals, media, networks and security
Data-driven, cognitive computation, Big Data, IoT
Devices, algorithms, systems and applications
Target sector orientation, data exploitation, advanced modelling
Spaces, resources, citizens
Independent ageing, improved health care and p-health services

Electronics and Systems

Auto-deployable advanced intelligent systems

Radio and Wireless

5G, SDR, cognitive radio

Multimedia technologies

High quality content, design or novel UX


Networks and Applications

Cloud services, social graphs, public ICT policies

Secure Society

Risk management, data privacy, detecion of anomalous

SW and Data Science

Big data, Cognitive Science

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07 Jun

Public cloud market will increase until one thousand million euros in 2020

Data Engineering & Digital Transformation
Cloud and data are going to be two important tools for the digital transformation. Ninety per cent of data have been created during the last two years. Furthermore, the cloud infrastruture has already filled up six per cent of the ICT market, which means, this transformation is expected to generate economical growth businesses in few years.
30 May

The blockchain challenge: Blockchain doesn't talk to each other

Future Telecomms
Blockchain is presented as a revolutionary change for new economic and commercial relations. Most people compare this knew technology to the Internet of 60's and 70's, everyone wanted to use it, but they needed a connexion between all the networks. The same issue is taking place nowadays with blockchain. We know it is supposed to be a revolucionary technology but we just need to find the way to communicate all blockchains transaction to create a real integrated system.
03 May

Your Guide to the GDPR

Data Engineering & Digital Transformation
The European Union approved a new data protection law that will be applied at the end of May 2018. This article points out changes have been taken related with the last data protection law in 2016. It explains what will happen now with companies to adapt themself to the new law, also with third contries that don't have the same restrictions as we have. The main improvements regarding user rights are related to information, access, rectification, cancellation, and object. Other new rights has been proposed, like right to be forgotten, data portability and right to restriction of processing.

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