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Information Processing and Telecommunications Center
IP&T Center
Information Processing and Telecommunications Center
This EIT Digital-funded innovation project focuses on developing the technologies needed to optimally manage drones fleets in urban spaces, in order to fulfill the service needs of diverse stakeholders in the municipality.
Information Processing and Telecommunications Center
Information Processing and Telecommunications Center

Our strategic areas

Air, surface, multimodal
Augmented, virtual, natural and smart interfaces
Signals, media, networks and security
Data-driven, cognitive computation, Big Data, IoT
Devices, algorithms, systems and applications
Target sector orientation, data exploitation, advanced modelling
Spaces, resources, citizens
Independent ageing, improved health care and p-health services

Electronics and Systems

Auto-deployable advanced intelligent systems

Radio and Wireless

5G, SDR, cognitive radio

Multimedia technologies

High quality content, design or novel UX


Networks and Applications

Cloud services, social graphs, public ICT policies

Secure Society

Risk management, data privacy, detecion of anomalous

SW and Data Science

Big data, Cognitive Science

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13 Jul

An algorithm detecs heart attaks as well as human being

Health and Wellbeing support
Health technological instruments to detect heart attacks had never been as good enough as a doctor knowledge until now. A new algorithm could develop an early detection of these attacks. This new challenge means that technology would help doctors to enhance medicine and population wellbeing. IPTC proposes you this article to learn about new improvements in health field.
06 Jul

A virtual "social" assistant for migrants

Future Telecomms
KRISTINA project (Knowledge-Based Information Agent with Social Competence and Human Interaction Capabilities), is a multilingual conversational agent. It is made for migrants who would feel lost in a new country. The target of this gadget not only is to translate languages but also contribute with a global view based on cultural, social and affective capabilities. Somes of technologies they have used are automatic speech recognition, face analysis, emotional signal understanding, etc. More development is required to imrpove the research, the consortium plans the app will be totally finished…
20 Jun

Participation and Prize of an IPTC Research Group in the National Cybersecurity Research Conference (Jornadas Nacionales de Investigación en Ciberseguridad - JNIC 2018)

Data Engineering & Digital Transformation

Cybersecurity is in the agenda of all social, industrial, and administrative agents, after the numerous incidents that are commonly reported by the media and specialized centers. This fact shows the relevance of the scope to which companies, universities, and research agents must face. The JNIC (National Cybersecurity Research Conference) reaches its fourth edition, leading its way to be the reference forum at a national level for researchers and professionals of Cybersecurity.


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