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Software Technologies & Data Science

Software and data processing technologies are pervasive in our daily live and play a key role in our efforts to address societal, economic and technological challenges.

ICT including Software, Data and Services is the central enabling technology that is referred to all across the regulation establishing the Specific Programme Implementing Horizon 2020 and its three priorities: the technology-driven Industrial Leadership, the application-driven Societal Challenges as well as its role in setting up a pan-European network of research infrastructures described in the Excellent Science priority. This reflects the fundamental importance of software, services and data as the prime industrial differentiator and basis for innovation.

The Center address in this area three main challenges which are at the core of the ongoing digital transformation:

  • Computing: Cloud and virtualisation infrastructures, Internet services, Data centric applications, Big data analytics and machine learning, Personal data management, User experience and accessibility, Real-time distributed applications, agile and lean approaches to software development, etc.
  • Networking: Next generation Internet, Network infrastructure for the Internet of things, Network function virtualisation, Software defined networking, Broadcasting and multimedia distribution over 5G, etc.
  • Cybersecurity: Information security, Network security, Digital identity, Privacy, Trust, Data protection, Cryptography, Protection of critical infrastructures, Blockchain, Security and Privacy by design, Cyber defence, Cybersecurity governance, etc...


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