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Facilities and Technological and Scientific Services

Major research infrastructures of the Centre

  • Laboratory of Visual Telecommunications Applications

  • Laboratory of Signal Processing Applications

  • Connectivity Systems Laboratory

  • Manufacturing Facilities for materials and devices and Clean Room

  • Facilities for characterization of materials and devices

  • Laboratory for computational electromagnetism and measurement of microwave devices

  • Next Generation Internet Laboratory

  • Embedded Systems Laboratory

  • VLSI & CAD Laboratory

  • Microwave and Radar Labs

  • Data Processing and Simulation Laboratory

  • Experience Lab of Smart Spaces

  • Laboratory for Antenna Testing and Homologation

  • Radiation Group Laboratory

  • RSTI Laboratories

  • Real Time Systems Laboratory 

  • Laboratory of software engineering and telematic services 

  • SISDAC Laboratory

  • Laboratory of Biomedical Imaging Technology

  • Radiocommunications Laboratory

  • Speech Technology Laboratories

  • Image Processing Laboratory

  • 3D TV Lab


Services at specific facilities 

Services and Pricing at TeraLab THz Measurement Facility

TeraLab Facility offers different measurement services and equipment use:

  • Network analyzers up to 110 GHz

  • Spectrum analyzers up to 100 GHz

  • Power meters up to 3000 GHz

  • Free space materials transmission characterization up to 300 GHz

  • Anechoic chambers up to 110 GHz

The pricing for the measurement services is as follows:

  • The general cost is 110€/h for external clients (year 2022).

  • Measurements for doctoral theses and master theses are free of charge.

  • Measurements for IPTC researchers are priced at 25% of the equivalent cost of the external service.

Please contact

Belén Galocha, Ph.D.

(Tel. +34 910672331), or

Jesús Grajal, Ph.D. (+34 910672339),

for further information and service requests.



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