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Networks and Applications

Telecommunications networks, especially the Internet, as well as the applications and services that are built on them, are one of the cornerstones of the new digital world, where architectures and protocols create the framework on which the new applications of telecommunications and ICT in general are built.

This world of applications and services that connect devices and terminals with server centres using network technology is constantly evolving. Novel network technologies, mobile devices, sensors, wearable elements and even bionic interfaces are continuously emerging. The Center addresses in this field a number of challenges to provide solutions in the following areas:


  • Applications and cloud services with secure and ubiquitous access.
  • Technologies, architectures and protocols for fixed and mobile networks.
  • Social and collaborative applications and associated technologies such as Big Data, social graphs and network theory.
  • Sectorial applications of these technologies, such as smart cities, open data, energy, education, Internet of things, etc.
  • Analysis of public policies and regulations for the ICT ecosystem.


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