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Electronics and Systems

The remarkable progress in ICT has a key substrate in the development of system-level technologies based on the continuous miniaturization and integration of heterogeneous technologies and components, which enable the development of optimal HW/SW systems and complex computer systems to support the implementation of applications and advanced services.

In regard of this fundamental knowledge for ICT, the Center focuses specifically on: 

  • Hardware systems design, using both application-specific integrated circuits and programmable circuits (FPGA, GPU, etc.) or advanced processors -high performance massively parallel architectures- for different applications including systems up to the level of complexity of Data Processing Centres. 
  • Software technology and support tools. This activity covers a broad spectrum of topics ranging from operating systems to CAE tools. 
  • Auto-deployable and advanced intelligent systems that integrate all the above items (HW/SW/Communications), including interfaces between the analog and digital worlds (sensors and actuators) for various fields of application (internet of things, e-health, digital society, infrastructure management, transport, etc.)


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