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Radio and Wireless

Many applications and services rely on the use of radio waves to meet the operational requirements of mobility, ubiquity, access, etc., thus making the radio spectrum a scarce resource, subject to the pressure of an ever increasing efficiency of its use.

The use of new frequency bands, techniques, and standards intended to exploit the data transmission capacity of the communication systems and the performance of radio systems in general, and the development of technologies that support them, have been and will be subject of programs of R+D+i. The Center activity in this field is organized around two major lines: 

  • Development of technologies and subsystems (antennas, transceivers, processors, etc.), to implement new flexible architectures adapted to operate in new frequency bands, with higher bandwidths and high levels of integration. Radio architectures for 5G, SDR, cognitive radio and ad-hoc networks.
  • Development of specific applications in various fields (mobile communications, wireless communications, internet of things, sensor networks, localization and traffic control, systems for security and defense, guided platforms, etc.), including characterization techniques of propagation, modelling, planning, specification and characterization of the aforementioned systems.


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