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Two days on-line seminar on Deep Generative Models (May 5, 19, 2021)


Two days on-line seminar on Deep Generative Models (May 5, 19, 2021)

April 25/Comunicación IPTC/ Data Engineering & Digital Transformation

Deep Generative Models: Teaching Machines to Paint, Write and Compose
From Theory to Practice

Prof. Santiago Zazo and Juan Parras, IPTC researchers at ETSIT-UPM, will give a two-day online open Seminar on Deep Generative Models. You can enroll here!

The programme is as follows:
Day 1: (May 5th, 2021, from 17:00 to 20:00)
Prof. Santiago Zazo (ETSIT.UPM) will present the mathematical fundamentals of Deep Generative Models (DGM). We will address a proper definition involving three main aspects: modelling, inference / learning and generation. Boltzmann machines, normalizing flows, Variational Autoencoders (VAEs) and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) will be introduced.
Day 2: (May 19th, 2021, from 15:00 to 18:00)
Prof. Juan Parras (ETSIT.UPM) will present some practical examples (using Google Colab). We will introduce three illustrative examples: CycleGAN for painting, basic LSTM for writting generation and the attention mechanism for MIDI music composition.

The seminar is scheduled within the framework of the Master Programme on Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Big Data at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, ETSI Telecomunicación.