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11–15 March 2019 2019 UNAGI Workshop

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11–15 March 2019 2019 UNAGI Workshop

September 21/Comunicación IPTC/ Smart Cities

Kyoto, Japan

2019 UNAGI Workshop aims at becoming a forum for discussion on technologies to deal with the operating, business and societal challenges that the use of drones in urban environments may pose. These challenges are many and diverse. For example, in order to make metropolitan scenarios feasible for drone operation, it is essential to ensure the efficient and safe management of coordinated UAV fleets. There is also a need to facilitate the integration of drones as part of the city structure and its sensing infrastructure; technology must enable the secure exploitation, enriched and privacy-respectful interpretation of drone-retrieved information together with other available data. Regarding applications, drones may offer value-added services from city management to future transportation. Disruptive but feasible applications and technologies to support novel business models are key aspects to bring drones into the city. UNAGI Workshop welcomes submissions on these and other connected topics. The Workshop is co-located with the 17th edition of IEEE PerCom Conference, to be held in Kyoto (Japan) from March 11th to 15th. More information is available here: