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Our R+D+i activity is in the areas of antenna design, fabrication and characterization; analysis and evaluation of electromagnetic compatibility in complex systems; design, fabrication and measurement of radiofrequency systems and analysis and design through simulation of radiocommunication systems and networks.  

On the other side, our group manages the UPM' Lab for Test and Homologation of Antennas from UHF up to 110 GHz. This facility is acredited with ISO17025.

Main research areas:

  • Design and Prototyping of reflector antennas.
  • Design and Prototyping of array antennas.
  • Antennas measurement.
  • RF circuits measurement.
  • Smart antennas and MIMO systems for base stations and terminals.
  • RF circuits design.
  • Simulation and emulation of communications systems.



Group Leader: Manuel Sierra Pérez



Web page

More Information (members, anual memos, ... in spanish)

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