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Microwaves and Radar


Our R+D+i activity is in the area of radiofrequency technologies and systems. We design, implement and evaluate radiocommunication and radiodetermination components, subsystems and systems up to 300 GHz.

Main research areas:

  • Design and experimental characterization of circuits and subsystems in the bands of microwave, millimeter and sub-millimeter waves.
  • Analysis, simulation, specification and evaluation of radar and radiocommunication systems.
  • Application of RF technologies and signal processing to the Defense and Security Sector: surveillance radars, IFF systems, image radars, passive image formation, hidden objects detection, solid-state transmitters, proximity sensors, electronic warfare...
  • Application of RF technologies and signal processing to the Transport and Space Sectors: radionavigation and ATC equipment, GPS, radar sensors for intelligent roadways, TT&C transponders, data links for UAVs, LTE systems in railway environments...



Group Leader: Félix Pérez Martínez



Web page

More Information (members, anual memos, ... in spanish)

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