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Information and Communication Technologies


Our R+D+i activity is in the area of ICT technologies, focusing on one hand in their politic, social and economical impacts. On the other hand the group works in radiocommunications, fixed, mobile and broadcasting with special emphasis in Mobile Communications and Radio Propagation.

Main research areas:

  • Modelling, characterization and development of infrastructures and advanced telecommunication services and IS.
  • Regulation of the Telecommunication Sector
  • Tools for know-how transfer from university to the corporate sector
  • Internet mobile over IP services.
  • Radiowave propagation.
  • Troposphere effects in microwaves and millimeter waves
  • Regulation, Normative and Planning of radiocommunication systems
  • Simulation of advanced mobile systems: 4G, 5G
  • Mobile radiocommunication systems planning.
  • Technical-Economical Prospective of ICT sector.
  • Coordination and support to experts groups in prospective (technology, market, regulation and public policies).
  • Radiocommunication Systems: satellite communications and radio-broadcasting



Group Leader: José Manuel Riera Salís



Web page

More Information (members, anual memos, ... in spanish)

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