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5G‐EVE: 5G European Validation platform for Extensive trials

Map 5G Eve

Year 2020

Title 5G‐EVE: 5G European Validation platform for Extensive trials

Leader Federico Álvarez García

Strategic Areas Future Telecomms

Funding Entity Comisión Europea

Within the framework of the Joint Research Unit (JRU) established between Telefónica and UPM, through IPTC, the Center has signed a new and important collaboration within the 5G EVE project, for the validation and large-scale experimentation of 5G technology. The responsibility on the part of IPTC falls on the GATV-IPTC.

5G EVE: The objective of EVE is to create the foundations for a pervasive roll-out of end-to-end 5G networks in Europe, by offering vertical industries and all 5G-PPP Phase3 projects a set of facilities to validate their network KPIs and their services. Representatives of these vertical industries are directly involved as partners of 5G-EVE to contribute to the design of the end-to-end 5G services, and to provide early assessment.

The 5G-EVE end-to-end facility consists of the interconnection of four 5G-site-facilities (France, Spain, Italy and Greece).

The 5G-EVE facility will enable experiments with: (a) heterogeneous access, including NR, licensed/unlicensed spectrum, advanced spectrum management; (b) Mobile Edge Computing, backhaul, core/service technologies; and (c) means for site-interworking and multi-site/domain/technology slicing and orchestration.

5G-EVE will impact standards, and has the potential for ensuring the sustainability of the facility beyond the project lifetime, therefore becoming a cornerstone of the 5G PPP program and beyond.