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Applied Electromagnetism


We have more than twenty years' experience in developing software tools for the analysis and design of passive devices, periodic structures and antennas for space and terrestrial communications. We have designed different waveguide components and antenna subsystems for telecommunications satellites and scientific missions.

Main research areas:

  • Development of efficient analysis methods and CAD tools for microwave and millimeter wave passive devices and circuits 

  • Design and prototyping of reconfigurable and electronic steered antennas up to 300 GHz 

  • Biological effects of electromagnetic fields

  • Periodic structures and transmission lines based on metamaterials 

  • Design of waveguide circuits for space applications (filters, multiplexers, couplers, orthomodes, polarizers, loads).

  • Analysis, design and prototyping of printed antennas: arrays, reflectarrays and transmitarrays



Group Leader: José Antonio Encinar Garcinuño




More Information (members and anual memos, in Spanish)

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