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Year 2020


Leader Federico Álvarez

Strategic Areas Health and Wellbeing support

Software Technologies & Data Science

Funding Entity EIT Digital

KIWAME is a 2020 EIT Digital project focused on providing personalized mobile tools to kidney patients at risk of overhydratation.

10% of the population worldwide is affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD) and need to monitor their Water Body Composition daily and the salt intake (include the water and salt hidden in meals).  KIWAME solution will enable continuous monitoring of body water volume, nutrition, biomeasures and daily lifestyle, providing personalized coaching and lowering the communication barriers to practitioners.

KIWAME ecosystem will permit healthcare assistant providers and healthcare institutions to provide a set of services that leverage data from multiple sources (e.g. wearables, swivels and food pictures), analyse the information on key variables for patients condition, optimise institutional resources and improve patients Quality of Life. Detecting food composition from patient-taken photographs and building a robust DSS support on patient active feedback and passive data collection in the mobile phone are some of the challenges to be addressed.

The project is led by Prof. Federico Álvarez from the Information Processing and Telecommunications Center, in a consortium that also includes Telefónica S.A. and Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. Two research groups at IPTC, GATV and GPDS collaborate to achieve the technology enablers needed to build the system.