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5G Verticals Innovation Infrastructure (5G‐VINNI)


Year 2020

Title 5G Verticals Innovation Infrastructure (5G‐VINNI)

Leader José Ignacio Moreno Novella/Jorge Pérez Martínez

Strategic Areas Future Telecomms

Funding Entity Comisión Europea

Telefónica and UPM, through IPTC, established a JRU on advanced networking some years ago, with outstanding results in matters related to next-generation Internet, SDN applications and quantum networks. In the framework of this collaboration, UPM, as a Linked Third Party to Telefonica, will contribute in the analysis of business and governance models for the 5GVINNI facility, as well as in the development of mechanisms for orchestrating the generation of synthetic traffic in the 5G core, a feature critical for many experiments, to guarantee their reproducibility along its three main axes: corroboration (to avoid idiosyncratic results), transparency (to prevent biases) and robustness (to support consistent changes).

The H2020 Project 5G-VINNI will accelerate the uptake of 5G in Europe by providing an end to end (E2E) facility that lowers the entry barrier for vertical industries to pilot use cases and supports the pilots as the infrastructure evolves. To achieve this, the objectives of 5G-VINNI are:

  • Design an advanced and accessible 5G end to end facility.
  • Build several interworking sites of the 5G-VINNI end to end facility.
  • Provide user friendly zero-touch orchestration, operations and management systems for the 5G-VINNI facility.
  • Validate the 5G KPIs and support the execution of E2E trial of vertical use cases to prove the 5G-VINNI capabilities.
  • Develop a viable business and ecosystem model to support the life of the 5G-VINNI facility during and beyond the span of the project.
  • Demonstrate the value of 5G solutions to the 5G community particularly to relevant standards and open-source communities with a view to securing widespread adoption of these solutions.